EU Youth Dialogue


During the Romanian Presidency a new cycle of EU Youth Dialogue will start and will continue to be developed in close cooperation with its European and Trio Presidency partners from Finland and Croatia.

In this context, the 2019-2020 cycle is designed around the title of ‘Creating Opportunities for Youth’. The three European Union Youth Conferences (EUYC) from this cycle, should collectively lead to an overarching framework and common understanding of such opportunities, especially on the needs and expectations of young people and how they can be addressed.

The 7th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue will foster the participation of young people by:

  • identifying the consultation tools for outreach and meaningful dialogue with all categories of young people and harvesting tools that would allow not only an insight into the results, but also to access inputs on a rolling basis throughout the consultation period;
  • providing a longer period allocated for dialogue activities and consultations that are carried out by the National Working Groups (end of April – end of October 2019);
  • involving researchers that will accompany the trio presidency throughout the EU Youth Dialogue processes;
  • developing a toolkit with methods and approaches for the consultation process in EU Youth Dialogue based on good practices and experiences from the structured dialogue.

For further information, check the following document: