About Romania


Romania is a state situated in South-East Europe, on the lower course of the Danubian, on the Northern part of the Balkan Peninsula and the North-West Black Sea coast. At least that’s what Wikipedia would say, everyone’s bestie. But we are not gathered here to discuss the geographical limits. We are gathered here to speak about their lack of; because, just like unlimited internet, Romania is the country where the dreams have no limit.

From the first policeman that asks for your passport at the border, to the locals who welcome you with the magical “sarmale” with sour cream and polenta – Romania has beautiful people. You always see them smiling. You see them dancing, singing, staring at their phones praying the last ticket to a concert isn’t already booked. You see them on the mountain, right next to the Sphinx, laying on the grass with their backpacks and gazing something – the sky, the person they love or the endless horizon.

If you wish for a wave to hit you, you can also spot them by the sea – the same talkative, romantics, youth and energetics – waiting in line for an ice-cream or pancakes with the guitars hanging on their backs.

You can spot many of them in Bucharest – students, children whose height is less than a meter, elders- each of them waiting for the subway to take them to their next destination. Could be Cismigiu Park, Victoria Street or more probably, The Old Center. Everyone is running, on the move or carrying something- the capital really gives the sensation that something vital is about to occur- otherwise, it wouldn’t be known as The Little Paris for nothing.